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Economic Forum GFFA 2022: January 25th 2022, 9:30-10:30 am, with additional 30 minutes deep dive

Success factors for emerging farmers: paths for a sustainable land management

Soil is the backbone of agriculture. Farmers worldwide rely on production methods that ensure long-term soil fertility in order to secure good harvests tomorrow and beyond.
If knowledge accumulated over generations is lost or no longer suitable, and new knowledge or technologies are not available, farmers can run up against limits to the sustainable development of their farms. Land degradation might also be the consequence when land rights are not clearly defined or the long-term nature of ownership is not ensured.
All these issues apply to agricultural systems around the world. With a special focus on Sub-Saharan Africa’s agriculture, the GFFA Berlin e.V. Business Panel wants to show how emerging farmers in particular can be supported and accompanied by businesses and politics for a green development of their farms and resilience on markets. We will discuss what the private sector needs to offer and which kind of regulatory framework authorities need to  provide in order to make production both sustainable and profitable within planetary boundaries.

Our panelists on January 25th 2022:

  • Grenda Mweemba; Zambian – German Agricultural Knowledge and Training Centre, Zambia
  • Mr. Christian Radons;  board member CLAAS Group, Germany
  • Mr. Kamal Yakub; CEO, TROTRO Tractor, Ghana


  • Mrs.  Kah Walla; politician, entrepreneur and social activist, Cameroon 

Registration for the GFFA 22 is out now: GFFA2022 (

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