Expert Panel for the GFFA 2024 – 19th January 2024, 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

South America’s challenges and opportunities for establishing resilient supply chains

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The effects of the COVID pandemic, biodiversity loss, climate change, and global hunger currently pose significant challenges for business, science, and politics. Food security is to be improved by establishing resilient and sustainable supply chains. Due to different location advantages and the partners involved, supply chains are very different in the individual regions of the world. The business panel will focus on South America, and our guests will report on the challenges and opportunities they face in developing resilient and sustainable supply chains. South America’s locational advantages for sustainability, including its wealth of renewable resources, biodiversity, and traditional knowledge, also offer valuable inspiration for other regions of the world. 

The panellists will present innovative solutions and discuss together what kind of rules-based trade resilient supply chains need. In South America, the question arises as to how innovative digital and other technical tools can be passed on to farmers to generate sufficient income through sustainable production. The panel will, therefore, also shed light on the importance of innovations for greater resilience in production and trade. 

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South America’s challenges and opportunities with regard to establishing resilient supply chains – Global Forum for Food and Agriculture 2024 (

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