Forthcoming event

Expert Panel Discussion Globalisation in Transition: Trade in Times of Climate Change, New Protectionism and Economic Uncertainty

16 January 2020, 4:00 – 5:30 pm, City Cube of Messe Berlin

  • Klaus Josef Lutz – CEO Baywa, München
  • Jo Swinnen – Director General IFPRI, Washington D.C.
  • Joe Healy – Farmer, President of the Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA), Dublin
  • Gustavo Idígoras – President Chairman Argentine Edible Oil Association & Grains Exporters, Buenos Aires
  • Andrea Dreifke-Pieper – Director International Economy, WWF International, Berlin

Moderator: Sandra Navidi, New York City

Trade is a key element for sustaining food security and nutrition. However, food systems have to adapt to changing global mega trends: Climate change, protectionist tendencies and economic uncertainty due to populism and diverse political crises overturn previously known realities in the food value chains.
In addition, the food’s environmental foot print becomes more and more important and simultaneously the global consumer demands a constantly increasing 24/7 high quality food supply with special standards and low prices.
The panel discusses the impacts of these changing realities on agricultural and food systems on a regional and global scale.
Throughout the discussion, solutions how to adjust shall be elaborated from a farmer and food industry perspective.
Moreover, recommendations to policy makers shall be formulated which kind of national and multilateral policies are needed in order to guarantee stable, sustainable and affordable food systems.
Whether the rules-based multilateral trading order is suitable to achieve these multiple objectives and which alternatives are available will be one focal point of this panel.

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Who is the GFFA Berlin e.V.?

The Global Forum for Food and Agriculture Berlin e.V. was established by the German agriculture and food industry to promote sustainable strategies for global food security and use of the natural resources.

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  • Mr. Dr. Helmut Albert (GIZ)

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  • Creation of an internationally acknowledged discussion platform on agriculture and food policy, for policy-makers, trade and industry and the scientific community
  • Reinforcing of international political, economic and scientific co-operation in the agriculture and food sectors
  • Improvements to the status of the agriculture and food sectors in an economic and social context
  • Promoting of major developments in economic policy in the agriculture and food sectors
  • Providing information to producers and consumers on sustainable production and use of food
  • Promotion of development co-operation, particularly with emerging and developing economies, in the agriculture and food sectors


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