Forthcoming event

How to Feed the World in Times of Pandemics and Climate Change?

From 13-16 January 2021, the 13th Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA) will address even two global challenges facing the world’s closely linked food systems.
Like climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic reveals the strengths, weaknesses and dependencies of food systems and challenges a secure, global food supply.

The GFFA Berlin e.V. – as platform and voice of the German agricultural and food industry – will continue to contribute to the discussions in 2021, develop solutions and bring stakeholders from politics, science and industry together.

We look forward to welcoming you in January 2021.

Further information about the GFFA 2021 can be found here!

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Who is the GFFA Berlin e.V.?

The Global Forum for Food and Agriculture Berlin e.V. was established by the German agriculture and food industry to promote sustainable strategies for global food security and use of the natural resources.

Founding Members

Board of Directors

  • Mr. Bernhard Krüsken (DBV)
  • Mr. Dr. Lothar Hövelmann (DLG)
  • Mr. Olivier Kölsch (BVE)
  • Mr. Dr. Helmut Albert (GIZ)
  • Mr. Torsten Spill (OAOEV)

Supporting Membership

The GFFA Berlin e.V. is open to supporting memberships. If you would like to support the objectives of the association, please contact our office for further informations. →


  • Creation of an internationally acknowledged discussion platform on agriculture and food policy, for policy-makers, trade and industry and the scientific community
  • Reinforcing of international political, economic and scientific co-operation in the agriculture and food sectors
  • Improvements to the status of the agriculture and food sectors in an economic and social context
  • Promoting of major developments in economic policy in the agriculture and food sectors
  • Providing information to producers and consumers on sustainable production and use of food
  • Promotion of development co-operation, particularly with emerging and developing economies, in the agriculture and food sectors